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The Fed Pilot program partners with financial professionals to help federal employees by holding full-day workshops or 3-hour webinars on their federal retirement benefits.

Fed Navigator is the financial professional facing name.
Fed Pilot is the federal employee facing name.
They are the same program but the information each group requires is different.


Federal employees will register for a full-day workshop in your area or a 3-hour virtual webinar.  We do the presenting and you do the hosting.  We spend the event teaching them about their federal retirement benefits, answering questions, and showing them how their benefits work.  At the beginning we let them know that this is purely an educational event.  At the end, the local financial professionals (you) will offer to meet with them for two free meetings – no cost or obligation – to answer any questions they will have about how their benefits will affect them individually and to give them a report of their federal benefits in numbers.  This report goes far beyond what their HR provides and is eye-opening for them.

Because of the quality of the workshop/webinar, almost everyone signs up to meet with you to dive into their numbers and get questions answered.

At the end of the two meetings with you, if they want to work with you after, wonderful.  If they don’t, they go back to work and tell all their friends about the incredible experience they had at the workshop and encourage others to attend.

This program works very well and consistently.

“Federal employees are a great market for financial advisors. And Kevin & Fed Pilot make marketing to this niche easy! Every seminar we have with Fed Pilot is successful and it always translates into new business.  This program is dialed in and it just works – and works well!  We couldn’t be happier with the results we’ve seen.  Plus, working with Kevin is easy.  We highly recommend Fed Pilot. You won’t be disappointed!” -Rich Hayes

-Rich Hayes, Alpha Financial Services

-Rich Hayes, Alpha Financial Services

Why do participants LOVE our events?


(We didn’t need to pull from many events to find great feedback to show you.
The following feedback is from only ONE event.
And each event receives similar praise.)

The Fed Pilot program was designed for action.

The program was created, maintained and delivered by Kevin Jones who is a professional speaker.  It was purposefully and carefully designed by him to not only give great information in a fun, entertaining way, but to motivate employees to act on what they learned. 
They are excited to meet with the local advisor after the event which is why the success rate is exceptionally high.
Kevin holds a master’s degree in instructional design from Boise State University and has been developing and delivering learning programs for adults for over 25 years.

Is this program for you?

Let’s talk and see if it will help increase your business.

Workshop / Webinar Topics

General Retirement Principles
Pensions (CSRS/FERS)
Social Security
FERS Special Retirement Supplement
FEGLI – Federal Employee Group Life Insurance
Survivor Benefits
FEHB – Federal Employee Health Benefits
FLTCIP – Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program
TSP – Thrift Savings Plan